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Policies & Procedures

For your convenience, below is a quick reference to Louisiana Tech University's Policys and Procedures governing campus research.  Please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects with any questions or comments you may have: 257-5075.


Introduction and Organization - Policy 7101 :

Sponsored programs are those programs of the University which are financed in whole or part by a funding agency external to the University; these include research grants, continuing education programs, and equipment grants. The University encourages its faculty and staff members to undertake sponsored research and other projects as a means of enriching their scholarly competence and offering modern instructional programs to both graduate and undergraduate students. These projects are further encouraged as a means of providing valuable public services.  (Click on policy number for complete text).

Submission of Proposals - Policy 7102

Proposals are prepared by the faculty members with the aid of the College Director of Research and under the stipulations provided by the agency to which the proposal is submitted. It is desirable that coordination be obtained between the Principal Investigator, the College Research Director, and the Office of Sponsored Projects so that all may be informed of the nature of the project. Faculty members should keep OSP informed about their preparation of proposals.

The following steps must be followed in a timely manner during the routing process:

Step 1:  Faculty member e-mails proposal documents to OSP and their Research Director for review prior to  uploading to the online routing system. 
Step 2:  Faculty member uploads approved proposal documents to the online routing system and signs electronically.
Step 3:  OSP reviews and approves by electronic signature or requests changes/assigns a Proposal Number.
Step 4:  Department Heads and Deans review, approve by electronic signature, or request changes.
Step 5:  Vice President and President review, approve by electronic signature, or request changes.


In addition to formal proposals, the same routing process is to be utilized with preproposals, subcontracts, and any other supplemental funding. If Tech is submitting as a subcontractor on another institution’s proposal, the subcontract proposal must be approved at all levels prior to submission. This requirement is identical to any other proposal which obligates the University. (Click on policy number for complete text).

Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals - Policy 7103:

As soon as the University is notified concerning the action taken by the funding agency on a proposal, OSP will notify the Project Director, College Research Director, and College Dean. If a proposal is funded, a file of the letter of award and other legal documents will be maintained by the Office of Sponsored Projects. Once funding arrangements have been completed, OSP will request the Comptroller to establish an account for the project and will review the University's project-management procedures with the Project Director. (Click on policy number for complete text).

Administering of Project - Policy 7104:

The Project Director is responsible for the conduct of his/her project and assumes the primary responsibility for ensuring that all reports and other commitments specified in the proposal and the funding agency's guidelines are met. This responsibility includes both the fiscal and scientific aspects of the project. All funding agencies view the Project Director as the person "on the site" who is immediately responsible for all aspects of the conduct of a project. The University's policy affirms this perspective. (Click on policy number for complete text).

Communications with Funding Agencies - Policy 7105

All correspondence regarding the University's contractual commitments and obligations, including notice of award, revisions, extensions, continua­tions, and project terminations, should be handled by a central office. OSP has been designated as being responsible for this function. This policy does not preclude correspondence between a project Director and the program staff of a funding organization. However, if the correspondence involves the commitments of the University or the University's compliance with laws and regulations, then the correspondence needs to come through the Office of Sponsored Projects.

All fiscal reports and invoices to be submitted to the funding agency are to be prepared and submitted by OSP. Since each granting agency stipulates its individual requirements in this matter, Project Directors should make specific arrangements with OSP for the preparation of reports required by the funding agency.  (Click on policy number for complete text).

Disposition of Equipment - Policy 7106
Disposition of Excess Funds - Policy 7107 
Termination Procedures - Policy 7110
Security Clearance - Policy 7111 


Animal Welfare - Policy 7109
Animal Care & Use Policy on Complaints - Policy 7117
Use of Human Subjects - Policy 7108
Biosafety and Radionuclide Institutional Review Committee - Policy 7116
Copyright Revision Act of 1976 - Policy 7115


Intellectual Property Policy - Policy 7121
Misconduct in Scientific Research or Research Training - Policy 7113
Conflict of Significant Financial Interest Policy - Policy 7114
Authorizing Contracts Between the University and a Member of the Faculty, Research Staff, or Coaching Staff of a Company in Which the Employee had an Interest Under Specified Circumstances - Policy 7119


University Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships - Policy 2310

December 11th, 2018

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