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Louisiana Board of Regents

The Board of Regents Support Fund (BoRSF) offers several programs to support research and graduate activities for Louisiana Universities. With these funds, Louisiana Tech has been able to secure funding for student computer labs, seed money for new researchers, and outreach for our future students. The Board of Regents also offers additional funding outside of support fund opportunities by partnering with EPSCoR agencies and other state-led initiatives.  Significant accomplishments in research and education have been possible through Board of Regents' funding.  

2016-17 BoRSF NOI and Proposal Submission Information: 

Click to download: BoRSF 2016-17 Schedule of Due Dates & Eligible Disciplines.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The Board of Regents (BoR) 2016-2017 Research Subprogram submissions will be submitted on LOGAN: https://web.laregents.org/logan/index.pl.  Required forms will be generated on LOGAN for proposals/noi's submitted electronically to the BoR, with the exception of Graduate Fellows. Fillable forms are below and must be scanned to pdf to upload on LOGAN. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT until after your NOI or proposal has been completely routed or you will be unable to edit if necessary without OUR releasing it back to you. Notices of Intent required where indicated below.  Electronic window for submission on LOGAN closes promptly at 4:30pm on all BoR due dates.  

- All BoR deadlines occurring on a weekend or holiday, are due the next business day.   Please e-mail your proposal and budget to Beth  Free (bfree@latech.edu) and your research director for review prior to routing

2016-2017 Enhancement (Traditional) - Notice of Intent (NOI) not required. Internal proposal routing due: October 17, 2016.  BoR electronic submission deadline (LOGAN): October 24, 2016.

2016-2017 ITRS/Proof of Concept/Prototype (PoC/P): NOI internal routing due: September 6, 2016. NOI deadline to BoR (LOGAN): 4:30pm September 12, 2016. Internal proposal routing due: October 24, 2016.  BoR electronic deadline (LOGAN)October 31, 2016.

2016-2017 RCS/PfundNOI internal routing due: September 6, 2016.  NOI due to BoR (LOGAN): September 12, 2016.  Internal proposal routing due: November 1, 2016.  BoR electronic deadline (LOGAN)November 7, 2016.

 2016-17 ATLAS: NOI internal routing due: October 3, 2016.  NOI due to BoR (LOGAN): October 10, 2016.  Internal proposal routing due: November 14, 2016.  BoR Electronic deadline (LOGAN): November 21, 2016.

2016-2017 Traditional Graduate Fellows:  NOI not required. Internal proposal routing deadline: November 7, 2016. BoR electronic deadline (LOGAN):  November 14, 2016.  (Graduate Fellows forms).

2016-2017 BoR SREB Graduate Fellowships to Promote Diversity Program. NOI not required.  Internal proposal routing due: November 4, 2016. BoR electronic deadline (LOGAN)November 14, 2016 (SREB Fellowships Forms).

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Louisiana Board of Regents/Sponsored Programs website:


          Louisiana EPSCoR:

Travel Grants for Emerging Faculty; Grants Major Initiatives; Preliminary Planning Grants for Major Initiatives; Links with Industry; Research Centers and National Labs:  web.laregents.org/la-epscor/.


 (Please contact Beth Free in University Research at x5075 or bfree@latech.edu for assistance if needed.)

Agency Announcements and Newslinks:
Board of Regents Guidelines: Cost Sharing Requests to Federal Funding Agencies  |  (8/14/13)
Guidelines for Cost Sharing Requests for Campus-Based Proposals to Federal Funding Agencies
C: Board of Regents:
BoR Support Fund Subdisciplines  |  (7/3/14)
2016-17 Graduate Fellows Forms  |  (8/3/16)
2016-17 BoR Traditional Enhancement Program  |  (8/3/16)
2016-17 BoR RCS One Year RCS (formerly Pfund) RFP  |  (8/3/16)
2016-17 ITRS POC/P RFP  |  (8/3/16)
Industrial Ties with Proof of Concept/Prototype Component
2016-17 BoR ATLAS RFP  |  (8/3/16)
Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars
2016-17 BoR SREB Graduate Fellows  |  (8/3/16)
2016-17 BoR SF Schedule of Due Dates and Eligible Disciplines  |  (7/29/16)
2016-17 BoR SREB Graduate Fellows forms  |  (8/3/16)
2016-17 BoR Graduate Fellows RFP  |  (8/3/16)

June 28th, 2017

Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars (ATLAS)

Enhancement - Education

Enhancement - Traditional

EPSCoR - Regents

Graduate Fellows

Industrial Ties (ITRS)

Research Competitiveness (RCS)

Support Fund Subprograms Funding Reports

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