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Project Title PI
(Darrian) Nanomanufactured Graphene Based Composites for Space/Aerospace Wilson
2D and 3D Systems for Evaluating Potential Glutamate Involvement in TBI DeCoster
3D Printing of Stem-Cell Tissue Matrices Mills
A Generalized Finite-Difference Time Domain Method for Solving the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation Dai
A Microfluidic platform for Enhancing Methylglyoxal Detection in Type 1 Diabetic Brain Tissue Hollins
A Novel Magnetostriction Based Sensing Technology for Rapid Condition Assessment of Bridge Decks Jaganathan
A Novel Sensor Concept for Structural Health Monitoring of Rotating Machines Jaganathan
A Paper-based Molecular Calcium Sensor Using Gold Nanoparticles Hollins
A Phase-Field Model of Plastic Deformation for Multiscale Metal Forming Processes Momeni
A Predictive Modeling Frameowrk for Studying Disparity in Colorectal Screening Dua
A Predictive Modeling Frameowrk for Studying Disparity in Colorectal Screening Dua
Accelerated Heavy Vehicle Load Testing, Milling and Repaving of Apical System Wasiuddin
AFRL Collaboration Programs-Sensors Research Napper
Alpha/Beta Voltaics with Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Conjugated Polymer Zivanovic
An Efficient Model for Flows of Large Number of Particles at Moderate to High Reynolds Numbers and Its Applications Liu
An Efficient Model of Disperse Flows at Low to Moderate Reynolds Numbers Liu
An Experiment in Putting a Real World Experience in the Classroom Leangsuksun
Analysis of Flow Characteristics Within a Vortex Drop Structure Jaganathan
Anesthetic Depth Monitor Senior Design Formal Project Proposal Iasemidis
Apical Design with Conventional Technologies Wasiuddin
Artificial Optical Materials for Molding the Flow of Light Genov
Batch Fabricated Multifunctional Thermal Sensors for High Temperature Propulsion Testing Environments Moore
Calibration System for Ultrasonic Probes Jones
Capacitative deionization based treatment and metal recovery from lead-acid battery recycling wastewater stream Tewari
Cardiomyocyte Generation for Cardiac Muscle Repair Newman
CAREER: Ambient Thermal Energy Harvesting for Power Production Weiss
CAREER: Thermal Gradient Microflow Calorimetry Using Anisotropic Temperature Sensors Crews
Catalyst Development for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis McDonald
Characterization of In Vivo Biosignal Dynamics as Quantitative Biomarkers of SUDEP Iasemidis
Collaborative Research: An Efficient Computational Approach for Wave & Surge Attenuation in Wetlands and Applications in Flood Risk Reduction Liu
Combined effect of sea-level Rise and Coastal Land Subsidence-Identification of Critical Transportation Infrastructure At-risk in Coastal SPTC Region Tewari
Combined effect of sea-level Rise and Coastal Land Subsidence-Identification of Critical Transportation Infrastructure At-risk in Coastal SPTC Region Palmer
Computational Design of CO2-Philic Hydrocarbon Polymers to Promote More Efficient Oil Recovery Wick
Computational Model and Experimental Verification for the Development of Drug-Eluting Stent Coatings for Arterial Pharmacokinetics Dai
Computational Study of Surface Interaction Between Peptides and Graphitic Surfaces Napper
COMSOL Modeling and Fabrication of Polymer Solar Cells Zivanovic
Corrosion Map for Metal Pipes in Costal Louisiana Tewari
Cybersecurity Research Program at the Cyberspace Research Laboratory Guice
Development of a Highly Reliable Boron-Doped Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Microsensor for Chronic Monitoring of Neurochemicals Arumugam
Development of a Robust Drill Head Integrated Cross Bore Warning System for Horizontal Directional Drilling Jaganathan
Development of a Standard Test Method for Characterization of Asphalt Modification Wasiuddin
Development of an Objective Temperament Test for Horses Gentry
Development of Carbon Nanotube Based Multifunctional Electrochemical Probes for Single Cell Analysis Arumugam
Development of Novel Magnetostriction Based Sensing for Health Monitoring of Critical Structures Jaganathan
Development of Proof of Concept for Conducting Tests Alike Pickle Jar Test on Avanti Grout Material Alam
EAGER: Biomanufacturing: "Multi-scale high-aspect Ratio Structures (HARS) for Constructing Dynamic 2D and 3D Cellular Bioreactors DeCoster
Effect of 3D Printing on Corrosion Characteristics of Stainless Steel Murray
Effects of Spatially Distributed Nitric Oxide on Platelet Adhesion Jones
Electrokinetic Abrasion Resistance Enhancement in Concrete Cardenas
Electrokinetic Durability Enhancement of Southern Pine Cardenas
Engineering a Reliable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Electrode Technology Using 3D-Printed Titanium Substrates Arumugam
Engineering Biohybrid Graphene Nanoribbons for FET Biosensing with Few Molecule Sensitivity Radadia
Environmental Effects on Bacillus firmus Spore Growth Hindmarsh
Evaluating Using Louisiana-sourced Lignin as Partial Replacement in Asphalt Binder and as an Antioxidant Wasiuddin
Evaluation of 3D-Printed Titanium Micropillars--Toward a Novel Electromechanical Nanoprobe Technology for Multi-analyte Brain Sensing Arumugam
Evaluation of Forest Community Composition, Structure, and Succession Nineteen Years After Planting the Cajun Electric Site, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana Patterson
Evaluation of Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) Seedlots for the Prevalence of Hybridization Jackson
Fatigue in 3D Printed Structures: A Multiscale Approach Momeni
Field and Laboratory Investigation of Fog Seal and its Performance Measures Wasiuddin
Flexible, Transparent Glucose Sensors Based on CuO Nanowire Networks Moore
Genetic Assessment of the Space Environment Using MEMS Technology Crews
GRIN Lens Implant for Preclinical in Vivo Documentation of TBI WM Damage and Drug Effects Murray
Hierarchical Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanomaterial Composites for Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage Moore
High Energy Physics at the Energy Frontier at Louisiana Tech Sawyer
Highway for Life Demonstration Project: LA 511 (70th Street) Wasiuddin
Hydrogen Sulfide Detection using Nano-diamond Materials and Electrodes Weiss
Hydrogen Sulfide Lab On-Chip Device for Medical Application Weiss
I-20 Corridor Regional Accelerator Norris
Improvement of the Performance Characteristics of Geopolymer-based Proppant Montes
In-Vivo Time Course Study of Adult Neurogenesis and Adult Neural Stem Cell Transformation to Tumor Cells in the Mouse Subventricular Zone Using Implanted Micro-Lenses and Multiphoton Microscopy Murray
Inexpensive Bulk Manufactured Graphene for 3D Manufactured Space Components Wilson
Information Fusion, Indexing and Search Algorithms for Active Cyber Modeling and Intelligence Dua
Insulation and Energy Storage Utilizing Phase Change Materials in Heating/Cooling Cycles Lvov
Investigating the Annexin A1-Formyl Peptide Receptor Pathway to Develop Innovative Anti-stroke Drugs Murray
Kalman Filter for Tracking Hand Gestures Selmic
Laboratory Evaluation of Early Field Performance of Apical System Wasiuddin
LBL Nanocarriers for Highly Efficient Solubilization of Insoluble Drug Lvov
Long-Term 3D Imaging of Mouse Brain In-Vivo to Study Glial Cells and Gliogenesis Murray
Louisiana Tech University LA_i6 Proof of Concept Center Norris
Louisiana Tech University-IDEA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence Dua
Mapping and Identification of Tree Seedlings Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Palmer
Material Performance of Environmentally Responsive Micro- and Nanoscale Polymeric Biomaterials Moore
Metabolic Acclimation and Carbon-use Efficiency of Short-Rotation Woody Crop Species Grown on Marginal Agricultural Land of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Tyree
Microfluidics-Mediated Delivery of Biomolecule Probes for Stem Cells and Cancer Cells Wang
Modeling Insider Threat Behavior Lee
Modes of Adaptation, Resistance, and Survival for Life Inhabiting a Freeze-Dried-Radiation-Bathed Environment (MARSLIFE) Dua
Nanoenhanced Bone Cement with Sustained Releases and Enhanced Material Mills
Nanoparticles Toxicity Tests with Cyborg Cells and Model Microworms Lvov
Nanostructure Surface Modifications for Enhanced Phase Change Heat Transfer Moore
Natural Tubular Clays as Synergistic Dispersants Lvov
Non-Invasive Optical Measurements of Edema Supporting CHF-Related Clinical Interventions O'Neal
Novel Environmentally Responsive Nanoparticles for Dual Controlled Drug Release of Diallyl Trisulfide and Sodium Nitrite Orally Moore
Novel Methods for Microarray Gene Expression Data Mining for Translational Bioinformatics Dua
Open-Source Problems for Engineering Studies (OPES): Making the WeB Work Evans
Opt-In: Partnership for a Millifluidic Device for 3-Dimensional Cellular Aggregates DeCoster
Optimization of Cardiac Muscle Generation for Replacement of Damaged or Weakened Tissue Newman
Parity Violating Electron Scattering and Nuclean Structure Studies at Jefferson Lab Wells
Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID): Creating a Culture of Success for Women in Engineering and Science O'Neal
Pickle Jar Testing of Sewer Manhole Coating Material Alam
Pre-Clinical Development of a Multi-Wavelength Pulse Photometer O'Neal
Project Conserve the Wetlands Madden
Rapid, Safe Inspection of Water-spanning Infrastructure via Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Moore
Regenerative Hybrid Hydraulic-Electromagnetic Shock-Absorber Bardaweel
Research and Education Cyberinfrastructure Investments to Develop The Coastal Hazards Collaborator in the Northern Gulf Coast Liu
Research on Reduced Cost Apical Solutions Wasiuddin
REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Micro/Nanoengineering Jones
REU Supplement for Existing NSF-CMMI-1029147 Tubule Nanocontainers for Corrosion Inhibitors Lvov
Robotic Mapping and Instalation System for Subsurface Utility Relocation (Phase 2) Jaganathan
Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Nanowire-Based Sensing Systems from Integrating Flow-Guided Assembly and Synthesis Wang
Seasonal Effects of Prescribed Burning on Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Vigor and Mechanisms for Tolerating Repeated Crown Scorch Dillaway
Secondary Immune Response & Immunological Memory in a Free-living Vertebrate Maness
SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Computing with Cells-The Neuron Case DeCoster
Solving Two and Three Dimensional Interface Problems with Non-Body-Fitted Grids Hou
Statistical Methods for Fractional Birth-Death Processes Cahoy
STEAM Power Schillinger
STEM-Discovery Tims
Stormwall Boards with Antimolding and Flame Retardance Coating Based on Clay Nanotubes Lvov
Superconductor Filament Fabrication for Advanced Propulsion Research Harbour
Sustained Release of Minerals Using Degradable Hydrogels for the Repair of Bone Density Moore
Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Films Obtained via Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Radadia
System for Classification of 3D Dynamic Hand Gestures Selmic
Tack Coat and Void Filler Material Properties and Shallow Trench Design for Apical System- Phase 1 Wasiuddin
Tailor-Made Variants of Site-Specific Recombinases as Tools for Genome Engineering Voziyanov
Technology-Rich Transportation Engineering Projects Tewari
Tensile Creep Testing of Liner Material as per ASTM D2990 Alam
Testing of Glass Laminate and Sprayable Coating System Produced by Mirteq Alam
The Influence of Establishing Native Short-rotation Woody Crops on Carbon Cycling Planted on Retired Agricultural Lands of the Lower MS Alluvial Valley Tyree
The LONI Institute: Advancing Biology, Materials, and Computational Sciences for Research, Education, and Economic Development Guice
The Role of Mediator in Maintaining and Differentiating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell State Newman
The Role of Mediator in Maintaining and Differentiating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Newman
The Role of Mediator in Regulating the State of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Newman
Tubule Nanocontainers for Corrosion Inhibitors Lvov
WISE Together: We Inspire Smart Eating Nutrition Curriculum Initiative Rutledge

November 19th, 2018

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