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Regenerative Hybrid Hydraulic-Electromagnetic Shock-Absorber

Description :  During the life time of the project proof-of-concept experiments will be performed leading to the development of a new technology that harvests the vibrational energy available within vehicle suspension systems due to road irregularities. A hybrid shock-absorber-electromagnetic energy harvester design ("H-Shock") to scavenge vibrational energy from vehicle suspension systems will be demonstrated. The work will focus on design and modeling of the device. Mathematical techniques and finite element software will be used to model the device. In light of modeling results, geometries and dimensions as well as materials will be selected. This will be followed by initial prototyping effort leading to realization of the H-Shock device. The machined device will be tested statically and dynamically. Results from experiment and model will be used to further tune the design and improve its performance. Results attained from experiment and model will be presented in national meetings as well as seeking national and federal support and funding. The main goal of this project is developing a regenerative shock absorber capable of harvesting vibration energy from road irregularities into useful electric charge. The electric charge can then be stored in batteries or used for active/semi-active damping control. This can be done by actively adjusting damping properties of the shock absorber to improve ride comfort. Main objectives of this project include proof-of-concept experiments and demonstration, characterization of the H-Shock dynamically and statically, and attaining patent right as well as attracting national and industrial partners.
Principal Investigator:  Bardaweel, Hamzeh  --  Mechanical Engineering
Funding Agencies:  BoR
Amount Awarded:  39,974

Start Period:  00/00/0000 End Period:  00/00/0000
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November 15th, 2018

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