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Evaluation of 3D-Printed Titanium Micropillars--Toward a Novel Electromechanical Nanoprobe Technology for Multi-analyte Brain Sensing

Description :  

A practical understanding of the human brain is one of the greatest intellectual challenges of the 21st century. Current neural probes lack the multiplexing necessary to detect multiple neurochemicals in real-time. The proposed research will result in the development of a probe capable of sensing multiple neurochemicals in body fluids. The probe is based on 3D metal printing enabled nanoelectrodes (“nanodes”) that has novel geometries and will demonstrate significantly improved chemical sensitivity. For this grant, 3D printed titanium “Ti” micropillars will be fabricated and evaluated as building blocks for fabricating an innovative probe that comprises a highly durable and electrochemically sensitive ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) and a platinum nanoring nanode in concentric fashion. Specifically, (1) Micropillars will be fabricated using a Direct Metal Laser Sintering process. The effects of the laser beam power profile and scan rate/pattern on the mechanical/surface properties of the micropillars will be investigated. (2) A probe with one concentric UNCD nanode using Ti micropillars will be fabricated and studied using various electrochemical techniques to quantify the properties of the UNCD/TiC interface. As a proof-of-concept, the probe will be tested to determine its sensitivity toward dopamine and hydrogen sulfide sensing. The proposed research will contribute advanced materials and fabrication science to the general electrochemical technology field including electrodes for other applications such as point-of-use diagnostics, personalized medicine, environmental monitoring, wastewater remediation and desalination. Finally, the detailed understanding of the properties of printed metal pillars from this project (STT2 goal) will be used to validate models developed by CIMM investigators.

Principal Investigator:  Arumugam, Prabhu  --  Mechanical Engineering, Institute for Micromanufacturing, Molecular Science and Nanotechnology
Funding Agencies:  NSF/BoR
Amount Awarded:  25,000

Start Period:  00/00/0000 End Period:  00/00/0000
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November 16th, 2018

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