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Microfluidics-Mediated Delivery of Biomolecule Probes for Stem Cells and Cancer Cells

Description :  

In an effort to enhance the diagnostic and treatment technologies utilized in diagnosing and treating diseases, the objective of the investigators of this research is to develop a device that may allow more efficient material transportation across cell membranes. This proposed instrument, a Diverging Flow Electroporation (DFE) system, may operate through the discriminate application of electrical strikes on individual cells as opposed to indiscriminate application in bulk electroporation (BE). The investigator aims to design, construct, and validate a DFE system. After validating the system, the investigator may then characterize in vitro delivery efficacy and cell viability in cancer and stem cells utilizing Lipoplex and target ligands for the purpose of evaluating DFE capabilities in medical and research applications.

Principal Investigator:  Wang, Shengnian  --  Institute for Micromanufacturing
Collaborators:  Wilson, C.
Funding Agencies:  NIH
Amount Awarded:  330,340

Start Period:  07/11/2011 End Period:  06/30/2015
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November 16th, 2018

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