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Nanoparticles Toxicity Tests with Cyborg Cells and Model Microworms

Description :  

As the result of increased utilization of nanomaterials by various industries, it is necessary to assess the relative toxicity of these materials to humans, other organisms and the environment. The investigators in this research intend to accomplish this goal by monitoring the survival and reproductive rates of Caenorhabditis elegans specimens subjected to a variety of nanomaterials deposited on microbial prey cell walls. Through methods of layer-by-layer assembly or direct deposition, the investigators aim to coat microfungi, microalgae and bacterial cells with various nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, silica, tubule Halloysite clays that will act as nanocarrier prey elements for C.elegans. Upon ingesting the nanocoated prey, the investigators would be allowed to study the long-term effects associated with exposure to nanoparticles, focusing on toxicity levels, distribution pathways, and tissue/organ targeting in C.elegans. The data compiled from this research would be utilized to determine possible long-term toxicity issues in humans exposed to nanomaterials.

Principal Investigator:  Lvov, Yuri  --  Chemistry
Funding Agencies:  NSF/US Civilian Research and Development Foundation
Amount Awarded:  15,000

Start Period:  04/24/2014 End Period:  04/23/2015
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November 16th, 2018

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