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Hydrogen Sulfide Lab On-Chip Device for Medical Application

Description :  

In light of recent developments on the role of hydrogen sulfide in many diseases and disorders, the investigators of this research aim to develop a Lab on Chip (LOC) system for use in clinical hydrogen sulfide detection. This system is proposed to be accomplished through (1) the finalization of hydrogen sulfide electrochemical detection and (2) validation of a LOC rapid detection device for diagnosis and toxicity management through collaborations with LSUHSC Shreveport. Because hydrogen sulfide has been shown to play both independent and interdependent roles in diseases including Peripheral Artery Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, as well as influencing neurological function, ischemia, angiogenesis, etc., the development of the proposed system could provide rapid detection and treatment options for those afflicted by such conditions. 

Principal Investigator:  Weiss, Leland  --  Mechanical Engineering
Funding Agencies:  BoR
Amount Awarded:  20,000

Start Period:  06/01/2013 End Period:  12/31/2014
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November 16th, 2018

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