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A Phase-Field Model of Plastic Deformation for Multiscale Metal Forming Processes

Description :  

The additive manufacturing and 3D printing have recently attracted significant attention among the researchers, specifically after the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative announcement. One of the key materials for these processes are metallic materials, which have advanced significantly during the last decade by emerging new equipment, feedstock materials, and energy sources. However, the full understanding of the relation between the feedstock material, manufacturing process, and properties of the final product is still missing due to the complexity of the microstructures that form and their subtle dependence on the initial characteristics of the feedstock materials and kinetics of the manufacturing process. We may refer to different hardness values foe the samples with stray grains compared to columnar grains that form as a result of spot-and linear-shaped melt pools, respectively. Here, we will use the mesoscale phase-field approach to capture the microstructures that form during the additive manufacturing processes of metallic materials, including the effect of interfaces, grain orientations, size and mechanics for multiphase/multigrain samples. This project tightly couples the experimental results to the phase-field simulations enabling control of the printing process to achieve desired product performance and characteristics. The mathematical models and computational tools necessary to achieve this goal will be developed, including the ability to (i) capture the effect of interfaces; (ii) considering the size and scale-effects; (iii) determining the microstructure-property relation; and (iv) a software for determining process parameters. This is in line with the goals of the STT2 (Laser-based 3D metal printing) CIMM seed funding.

Principal Investigator:  Momeni, Kasra Dr  --  Mechanical Engineering
Funding Agencies:  NSF/BoR
Amount Awarded:  10,000

Start Period:  00/00/0000 End Period:  00/00/0000
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October 17th, 2018

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