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Effect of 3D Printing on Corrosion Characteristics of Stainless Steel

Description :  

Stainless steels are largely used in construction, transportation, and medical industries. Corrosion resistance combined with high durability, reliability, and strength at relatively low materials, manufacturing, and maintenance cost are key benefits of stainless steels. Among stainless steel grades, those possessing an austenitic microstructure are most widely used. Traditional forming methods for stainless steel parts include casting, rolling, and forging, machining and welding. Additive manufacturing can enable the design of more intricate and seamless stainless steel parts and components that are not possible using traditional forming methods.

Selective laser melting – SLM (i.e., 3D printing) is an additive manufacturing laser processing technique were metal powers are fused together such that metal layers are grown to form 3D structures. The laser power and scan speed influence the microstructure of the resulting part. Studies indicate the presence and distribution of impurities and inclusions, pore volume variation, and other microstructural features of 3D printed austenitic stainless steel specimens can differ substantially from wrought stainless steels. This is significant as the corrosion characteristics of a material are strongly influenced by microstructural characteristics. Yet, there is limited knowledge about the corrosion behavior of 3D printed austenitic stainless steel structures as SLM is a relatively new approach for forming stainless steels.

The goal of the proposed work is to use AC impedance spectroscopy to evaluate the role of microstructure on corrosion in 3D printed austenitic stainless steels with respect to:

1.      Pitting initiation and cessation,

2.      The integrity and consistency of the passive layer,

3.      Repassivation kinetics

Principal Investigator:  Murray, Erica  --  IFM
Funding Agencies:  NSF/BoR
Amount Awarded:  10000

Start Period:  00/00/0000 End Period:  00/00/0000
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October 17th, 2018

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