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Project Title PI
2D and 3D Systems for Evaluating Potential Glutamate Involvement in TBI DeCoster
A composite Scheme for Detection and Disruption of Botnets Karim
A Generalized Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method for Solving the Time-Dependent Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation Dai
A Highly Multiplexed Scalable Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Microarray Sensor for Point of Use Biodetection Radadia
A Model to Predict Shear Failure of Infrastructures Using Finite Element Method Wang
A Novel Hybrid Power Generator for Harvesting Multiple Ambient Energy Sources Que
A Novel Power Chip for Opportunistic Energy Harvesting on Submarines Que
A Realistic Model for Charge Transport in Conductive Polymers Derosa
Acquisition of an SGI Origin 350 for Nano/Biotechnology Computational Research and Student Training Mainardi
Advanced Computing Systems for Resilience Foundations Leangsuksun
An Approximate Analytic Method for Solving a Dual-Phase-Lagging Heat Transport Equation in Microscale Thin Films Dai
An Efficient Method for simulating Diffusion Inside Nanotudes for Drug Delivery Systems Liu
An Efficient Model of Disperse Flows at Low to Moderate Reynolds Numbers Liu
Application of Inorganic Polymer Concrete (Geopolymer) in Transportation Structures Located in Harsh Environments Allouche
Application of Soil Bioengineering (Ecosystem-based) Approaches for Riparian Restoration in Coastal Area of Louisiana Wang
ARDEC/GA Nanofab Wilson
ARRA: Acquisition of a Laboratory for Innovations in Microwave Applications for Damage Prevention, Condition Assessment... Allouche
Building Indicators of Trust for Information Systems Fuller
CAREER: Ambient Thermal Energy Harvesting for Power Generation Weiss
CAREER: Thermal Gradient Microflow Calorimetry Using Anisotrophic Temperature Sensors Crews
Catalyst Development for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis McDonald
Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology in AMRI at the University of New Orleans Lvov
Characterization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTS) With MEM Devices Que
Characterizing the Bio-Graphene Interface Using Biomolecular Field Effect Transistors Radadia
Closed-Loop Thermal Control for a High-Altitude Microreactor Crews
CMU Water Barriers Above Ground Water Barriers Rehabilitation of Stone Structures Cardenas
Collaborative Enhancement and Education in Clinical Informatics Dua
Collaborative Research: An Efficient Computational Approach for Wave & Surge Attenuation in Wetlands and Applications in Flood Risk Reduction Liu
Composite Material of Clay Nanotubes and Cellulose Microfiber Lvov
Comprehensive Center for Rehabilitation Technology Shipp
Computational and Experimental Investigations of the Reversible Reactions of Lithium With Nanostructured RuO2 for New Potential Lithium Ion Ramachandran
Computational materials Science & Engr. Sub-CTC Derosa
Computational Study of Surface Interaction Between Peptides and Graphitic Surfaces Napper
Computationally Driven Rural Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Program Dua
COMSOL Modeling and Fabrication of Polymer Solar Cells Zivanovic
Conjugated Polymer Optoelectronic Technology Zivanovic
Context-aware Active Authentication Using Touch Gestures, Typing Patterns Phoha
Control of Flying Blimps in a Wireless Sensor Network Environment Selmic
Cooperative Apertures for Position-Adaptive MAV Sensors Selmic
Correction of Mutations Using Tailor-made Recombinases Voziyanov
CR&D III: "Multiscale Molecular Modeling of Thermal Transport in Nanocomposites Derosa
CRI: Planning for Heterogeneous Data Repository of Biomedical-Related Data Dua
Cyber Discovery 1.0 Swanbom
Cyber K-12: Building a Foundation for Cyber Education in North Louisiana Turner
Data Mining Microarray Gene Expression for Physiological Discovery Dua
Design and Development of Computational Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Mining Dua
Design and Development of Novel Data Minor Algorithms for Gene Expression Data Dua
Developing Instrumentation for Space Radiation Dosimeters Wilson
Development and Exploration of Louisiana Sector Wood Processing Industry Gibson
Development of a Bioanalytical Nanosatellite Crews
Development of a Design Tool for Enhanced Fluorescin Angiography in Opthalmology Hegab
Development of the Interplay between Automatic and Control Processes in Reading Walzyck
Distributed Autonomy for Intelligent Decision Making Phoha
Diverging Flow Cell Electroporation to Facilitate in Vitro Biomolecule Wang
DNA Image Segmentation Methods and Statistical Modeling Paun
DURIP: A Distributed Platform for Capturing, Analyzing, & Combating Botnet Attacks Karim
E-Seal Phase II SBIR Consultation and Development Support Cardenas
Economic and Community Development Outreach Initiative Norris
Efficiency Improvement Studies of Carbon Nanotube Films-Based Energy Harvesting Technology Que
Electrokinetic Abrasion Resistance Enhancement in Concrete - Phase II Cardenas
ELXSI/Ultrascan Allouche
Energy Piles Driven in Soft Clayey Soil Ground with High Ground Water Table Wang
Engineering Site-Specific Recombinase to Excise HIV Protovirus Voziyanov
Engineering Smart Cyber-centric Sensor Surveillance Systems for Large Geographic Domains Phoha
Enhancement of Materials Durability Education Cardenas
Enhancing Micro/Nanotechnology Education with Hands-on SEM Hegab
Enhancing Multidisciplinary Freshman Education through a Wireless Computer Network Crittenden
Enhancing the Early Compressive Strength and Corrosion Resistance of Dynastone Allouche
Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Low Viscosity Grout Allouche
Entrepreneurship through Multidisciplinary Projects and Collaborative Teams Crittenden
Entrepreneurship Through Multidisciplinary Projects and Collaborative Teams Crittenden
Essays on Protection-Motivated Behaviors of Organizational Insiders Roberts
Evaluating the Geopolymerization Potential and Commercial Application Allouche
Evaluation of a Commercial Laser Profiling System for Post-Installation Measurement of Storm Sewer and Drainage Pipe Hall
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality Improvement in the Ouachita Basin: Phase 2 Patterson
Evaluation of Herbicides for the Propagation and Establishment of Herbaceous Plants Indigenous to the Ground-Layer Community of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Jackson
Evaluation of Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Liner Material used in CIPP Applications following ASTM D2992-12 Procedures Allouche
Experimental Evaluation of Geopolymer and Lunamer Binders as Radioactive Shielding Materials for Space Applications Allouche
Experimental Evaluation of Infinite Pipe - Mechanical Performance and Design Considerations Allouche
Experimental Evaluation of Soil-Pipe Friction Coefficients for Coated Steel Pipe (Polyurethane, Cement mortar and Pre-fabricated Plastic Tape Coating Systems) Allouche
Experimental Examination of the Effect of Cyclic Thermal and Pressure Loads Allouche
Experimental Investigation of Leakage in Annular Space Between Host Pipe and Liner Allouche
Fabrication of Silicon-Based Micropipettes for Giga-Seal Patch-Clamp Que
Fabrication of Transparent Nanostructured Microtiter for Ultrasensitive Protein Biomarker Detection Que
Fly Ash Processing Trial-Metro Vancouver's Waste-to Energy Facility Allouche
Free-Floating Payload for Microgravity Assessment of a Genetic Analysis Crews
Geopolymer Binders for High Temperature & Corrosion Resistant Refractory Castables Allouche
Graduate Fellows for the ACAM, BmE, and Engr Ph.D. Programs Guice
Graduate Fellows for the Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program Napper
Harvesting Radiative Energy for a High-Efficiency Portable Battery Charger/Storage Unit Que
Hurricane Katrina Rapid Deployment Allouche
Identification of Optimal Products Allocation for Strategic Planning Using LIDAR Data Strimbu
Impact of SmartFocus Control on Speech in Noise Bryan
Improved Biocompatibility for Microfluidic Genetic Monitoring Systems Crews
Improved Detection and Monitoring Systems for Native and Non-Native Sircids Ross
Improvement of Miniature Biofuel Cells Using CNTs as Electron Transfer Mediators Eklund
Incoporation of Magnetic & Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, and High Temperature Sythesis into LA Tech Chemistry and Physics Labs Siriwardane
Incorporating a Balloon Physics Course in the Integrated Science Curriculum at Louisiana Tech Sawyer
Information Analysis and Visualization Enhancements for Resilience Leangsuksun
Innovative Ventures for Emerging Technologies in Rural North Louisiana Guice
Integrating the Sciences and Science Education in the Early College Curriculum Carpenter
Intelligent Distributed and Ubiquitous Health Management System Selmic
Layer-by-layer Nanocarrier for Highly Efficient Solubilization of Insoluble Lvov
Louisiana Biomedical Research Network LA Tech Feng
Louisiana Tech Proof of Concept Center Norris
Louisiana Tech Proof of Concept Center, Green, High Durability Concrete for Harsh Environments Allouche
Louisiana Tech University Dairy Technology Enhancement Kennedy
Louisiana Tech’s Graduate K-12 Teaching Fellows Program Mills
Louisiana-INBRE Dua
Measuring Levee Elevation Heights in North Louisiana Palmer
Meaurement and Calabration of MEMS Based Neutron Detectors and X-Ray Sources Wilson
Mechanical Testing of Spray-In-Place Pipe Coating Allouche
Mechanistic Underpinnings of the Temperature Response of Leaf Dark Dillaway
Medical Decision Support for Diabetic Retinopathy Using Data Mining Dua
Metabolic Acclimation and Carbon-use Efficiency of Short-Rotation Tyree
Methane Storage in Clay Nanotube Composite for ANG (Absorbed Natural Gas) Lvov
Micro and Nanotechnologies for Neutron Detectors and Sources Wilson
Microfluidic Analysis of Real-time DNA Degradation Crews
Microfluidic Interface for Controllable Sample Delivery for a Microarray Chip Que
Minors and Immersions in Graphs Kanno
Minors and Roundedness in Graphs and Matroids Turner
Modeling Challenges for Control of Aeroelastic Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Evans
Modes of Adaptation, Resistance, and Survival for Life Inhabiting a Freeze-dried-radiation-bathed Environment Dua
Molar: Modular Linux and Adaptive Runtime Support for HEC OX/R Research Leangsuksun
Multi University Research and Training in Information Assurance and Computer Security Phoha
Nanoclay-Based Modifications of Asphalt Binders Wasiuddin
Nanotechnology for Pulp and Paper Industry: Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte Coating Lvov
NERO "Nanoscience Education and Research Outreach" Mills
Neutron-Enhanced Calorimetry for Hadrons (NECH) Sawyer
New Intelligent Feedback Control of Smart Actuators Selmic
NIRT: Nanoengineered Shells for Encapsulation and Controlled Release Lvov
Non-Invasive Optical Measurements of Edema Supporting CHF-Related Clinical Interventions O'Neal
Novel Gene Expression Mining Algorithms to Assist Medical Discovery Dua
Novel Micro/Nanofluidic Electroporation Devices for DNA/Oligonlucleotide Delivery Wang
NSF REU Supplement for Tubule Nanocontainers for Corrosion Inhibitors Lvov
NUE: Teaching Nanosystem Engineering to Early College Students with Active Learning Experiences Hegab
Numerical and Physical Modeling of the Inception and Propagation of Shear Band Localization Wang
Obfuscating and Deobfuscating Intent in Computer Programs Phoha
Optical Attractors and Continuous Index Photon Traps Genov
Optical Instrument for the Real-Time Estimation of In Vivo Nanoparticle Concentration O'Neal
Optimization of Geopolymer Formulation in View of Workability and Strength Development Allouche
OWLLS-TOO! Cummins
Paradigm to Control Malicious Executables Phoha
Parity Violating Electron Scattering at Jefferson Lab Johnston
Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research in Microfluidic Technologies Crews
Pickle Jar Testing of Diamond Plastics PVC Pipe Allouche
Plasmonics substrates fabricated nonlithographically for fluorescence and Raman signal enhancement Que
Precision Electoweak Measurements at Jefferson Lab Johnston
Preparing Historic American Buildings Survey Drawings of the Ghana House, Melrose Plantation, Melrose, Louisiana Carwile
Project OWLLS: Oral and Written Language Literacy Strategies Cummins
Protein Drug Microencapsulation Lvov
Reactive Electrophoretic Consolidation of Fine Construction Aggregates Cardenas
Reactive Electrophoretic Consolidation of Fine Construction Aggregates Cardenas
Real-Time Characterization of DNA Binding Energy as a Biological Radiation Dosimeter Crews
Real-time Optical Pharmacokinetics for Telemedicine O'Neal
Recruitment of Superior Graduate Students for the Ph.D. Program in Engineering Guice
Rehabilitation Long-Term Training-Rehabilitation of Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Vision Impairments Bell
Removal of Trace Amounts of Water from Zero Trans-Fat Cooking Oils Ramachandran
Research in Experimental Particle Physics: D0 Sawyer
Research, Training, and Technology Development in Security and Sensory Napper
Role of Bacillus Anthracis Exosporium in Germination Giorno-McConnell
Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Nanowire From Integrating Flow-guided Assembly and Synthesis Strimbu
Search for New Physics Phenomena in Jet Production at Hadron Colliders Wobisch
Seasonal Effects of Prescribed Burning on Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Vigor and Mechanisms for Tolerating Repeated Crown Scorch Dillaway
Self-Assembly of Microshells with Nanoorganized Walls for Drug Encapsulation Lvov
Semiconductive Polymers as Alternative Energy Resources Zivanovic
Sensitivity Analysis for the Design of MinMax Controllers Evans
Sensors Failure Detection and Mitigation Using Neural Networks Selmic
Sensory for Critical Infrastructure: Defect Recognition, Vizualization and Failure Prediction Allouche
Shear Band Localization: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Implementation, and Experimental Validation Wang
Simulations of CO2 Capture in Ionic Liquids Wick
Structural Water Main Liner Testing Program - Phase II Characterization of Long-Term Materials Properties Allouche
Studying Ion Dissociation Rates at Aqueous-Organic Interfaces Wick
Suboptimal Wireless Sensor Nodes Deployment Guice
Superior Graduate Fellows in Molecular Sciences and Nanotechnology Ramachandran
Systems Engineering Research for U.S. Energy Needs at Louisiana Tech University Napper
Teacher Collaboration for Inclusive Settings Smith
Technician Support for Micro/Nano Laboratory and Degree Program Palmer
The Field Study of Nanoparticle Technology for Corrosion Control of Reinforced Concrete Cardenas
The Influence of Establishing Native Short-rotation Woody Crops on Carbon Cycling Planted on Retired Agricultural Lands of the Lower MS Alluvial Valley Tyree
Theoretical and Experimental Determination of Adhesion Between Asphalt Binders and Aggregates in Dry and Wet Conditions Wasiuddin
Thermal Micro-Reactor for Reduced Gravity Biology Crews
Thermoelectric Method for Sequencing DNA Guilbeau
Trenchless Technology Education and Research Laboratory Allouche
Tunable Multi-mode MEMS Vibrational Anti-Tamper Sensor O'Neal
Undergraduate Control Systems Laboratory Selmic
Undergraduate Experiences in Micro and Nano Engineering Jones
Utilization of Ultra-wideband Radiation as a Utility Detection System Ahead of an Excavation Bucket in Soil Allouche
Very Low Power Capacitive Fabric - SBIR Phase I Wilson
Virtual Health-Monitoring Sensors for Sensing & Actuation Devices Selmic
Visual Tools for Demonstrating Engineering Concepts in a Quasi-Realistic Simulation Environment Allouche
Volume Protection Phase II SOW O'Neal
VROOM: Visualizing the Real Operations of Math Cronk
X-Ray/Focused Ion Beam Detector Wilson

April 20th, 2014

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