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Full Name Department
Alford, Bruce Marketing and Analysis
Allouche, Erez Civil Engineering
Basinger, Dawn Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Bell, Edward Professional Development & Research Institute on Blindness
Bennett, Rebecca Management and Information Systems
Boyd, Rhonda Health and Exercise Sciences
Bryan, Melinda Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
Buboltz, Walter Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Campbell, Bill Biological Sciences
Cardenas, Henry Mechanical Engineering
Carpenter, Jenna Math & Statistics
Carwile, Guy Architecture
Chestnut, Laura Human Ecology
Choi, Ben Computer Science
Cicciarella, Charles Health and Exercise Sciences
Cochran, Jim Marketing and Analysis
Countryman, Mark Math & Statistics
Cox, Mickey Electrical Engineering
Crews, Niel Institute for Micromanufacturing
Crittenden, Kelly Mechanical Engineering
Cronk, Stan Biomedical Engineering
Cummins, Carrice Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Dai, Weizhong Math & Statistics
DeCoster, Mark Biomedical Engineering
Deese, William Chemistry
Derosa, Pedro Institute for Micromanufacturing
Dickerson, Marcia Management and Information Systems
Dowling, Bobby Recreation
Dua, Prerna Engineering
Dua, Sumeet Computer Science
Eddy, Danny Chemistry
Eklund, Sven Chemistry
Eller, Susan English
Evans, Katie Mathematics and Statistics
Fang, Ji Institute for Micromanufacturing
Feng, June Biomedical Engineering
Fuller, Christie Management and Information Systems
Genov, Dentcho Physics and Electrical Engineering
Gibson, Mark Forestry
Gilley, Otis Economics and Finance
Giorno-McConnell, Rebecca Biological Sciences
Green, William Agricultural Sciences
Greenwood, Dick Physics
Guice, Les Office of the President
Guilbeau, Eric Biomedical Engineering
Gunasakeran, Alfred Institute for Micromanufacturing
Hall, David Mechanical Engineering
Hegab, Hisham Mechanical Engineering
Heiman, Brenda Speech
Inman, Debbie CEnIT
Inman, Tony Management and Information Systems
Jackson, Paul Plant Science
Johnston , Kathleen Physics
Jones, Steven Biomedical Engineering
Kanno, Jinko Math & Statistics
Karim, Md Enamul College of Engineering and Science, Center for Secure Cyberspace
Kennedy, Gary Agricultural Sciences
Kennedy, Angela Health Information Management
Ker, Jun-Ing Industrial Engineering
Kimbell-Lopez, Kimberly Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Kordal, Richard Intellectual Property & Commercialization
Leangsuksun, Box Computer Science
Leonard, Pauline Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Leonard, Lawrence Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Liberatos, James Biological Sciences
Liu, Don Math and Statistics
Livingston, Mary Margaret Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Lvov, Yuri Chemistry
Maggio, Beverly Health and Exercise Sciences
Mainardi, Daniela Chemical Engineering
McConathy, Terry Graduate School
McCurdy-Hillard, Maureen Geology
McDonald, John IFM
Mhire, Jeremy Political Science
Mills, David Biological Sciences
Napper, Stan Biomedical Engineering
Norris, Dave Administration and Business - Economic Research Division
O'Neal, Chad Mechanical Engineering
O'Neal, Michael Computer Science
O'Neal, Patrick Biomedical Engineering
Palmer, James Chemical Engineering
Palmer, Wesley Forestry
Parker, Randy Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Patterson, Bill Forestry
Paun, Mihaela Math and Statistics
Phillips, Kerri Speech
Phoha, Vir Computer Science
Pope, Janet Human Ecology
Pumphrey, Norman Civil Engineering
Que, Long Electrical Engineering
Radadia, Adarsh Chemical Engineering
Ramachandran, Ramu Chemistry
Ramsey, Paul Biological Sciences
Richardson, Sandi CEnIT
Roach, Susan English
Robbins, Kenneth Performing Arts
Roberts, Tom Department of Management and Information Systems
Ross, William Forestry
Sawyer, Lee Physics
Schroeder, Bernd Math & Statistics
Selmic, Rastko Electrical Engineering
Shipp, Michael Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science
Shoemaker, Sheryl Speech
Simicevic, Neven Physics
Siriwardane, Upali Chemistry
Smith, Rebecca Curriculum, Instruction & Leadership
Strimbu, Bogdan Forestry
Swanbom, Mike Mechanical Engineering
Tims, Heath Mechanical Engineering
Tobacyk, Jerry Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Turner, Galen Math & Statistics
Tyree, Michael Forestry
Voziyanov, Yuri Biological Sciences
Wakeman, John Biological Sciences
Walzyck, Jeffrey Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Wang, Jay Civil Engineering
Wang, Shengnian Institute for Micromanufacturing
Wasiuddin, Nazimuddin Civil Engineering
Weiss, Leland Mechanical Engineering
Wells, Steven Physics
Wick, Collin Chemistry
Wilson, Chester Electrical Engineering
Wobisch, Markus Physics
Womack, Chris CEnIT
Wyatt, Kathy Small Business Development Center
Young, Tony Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Zivanovic, Sandra Electrical Engineering

April 24th, 2014

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