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Issued Patents

Other Patents:
8,473,532: Method and Apparatus for Automatic Organization for Computer Files
7,811,479: Polymer-Nanocrystal Quantum DOT Composites and Optoelectronic Devices
7,615,530: Immunogenic Compositions and Methods of Use
7,357,139: Stair-Adjustable Crutch
7,303,156: Generation and Usage of Microbubbles as a Blood Oxygenator
7,191,178: Method for Allocation of Web Pages Using Neural Networks
7,134,082: Individualizing and Updating a Directory of Computer Files
7,094,622: Polymer Based Tunneling Sensor
7,090,838: Bacterium NRRL B-30043 For Controlling Algae
7,090,783: Lithography-based Patterning of Layer-by-layer Nano-assembled Thin Films
6,966,950: Method and Apparatus for Treating Underground Pipeline
6,713,408: Method of Producing Silica Microstructures from X-Ray Lithography of SOG Materials
6,514,346: Method and Apparatus for Inserting and Propelling a Coating Device Into and Through Live Gas Pipeline
6,482,635: Method of Reducing Off-Flavor in Water or Aquatic Life Forms Using Bacterium NRRL B-30043
6,482,553: Graphite Mask for X-Ray or Deep X-Ray Lithography
6,322,782: Bacterium NRRL B-30043 for Controlling Algae
6,274,534: Control of Kudzu with a Fungal Pathogen Derived from Myrothecium Verrucaria
6,180,169: Method for Internally Coating Live Gas Pipe Joints or Other Discontinuities
5,952,264: Control of Crabgrass with a Fungal Pathogen
5,913,977: Apparatus and Method for Internally Coating Live Gas Pipe Joints or Other Discontinuities
5,747,029: Control of Weeds with a Fungal Pathogen Derived from M. Verrucaria
5,739,019: Method of Isolating and Propagating Microorganisms and Viruses
5,635,444: Control of Crabgrass with a Fungal Pathogen
4,853,771: Robotic Vision System

November 15th, 2018

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