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Human Use Committee

The Human Use Committee is pleased to serve the University by striving to ensure that research projects involving human subjects comply with governmental, legal and University guidelines. As you know, this compliance protects the researcher and the University as well as the research subjects.

In an effort to facilitate Committee approval, the Human Use Committee adopted standardized forms to assist researchers. The use of these forms will make submission of projects to the Committee easier, faster and more likely to meet speedy approval. (See Section D. Human Use Compliance Forms).

Please find references and resources information below for your review and use. Please duplicate as necessary and distribute them to your faculty, staff and anyone doing research projects.

References and Resources

Human Subjects Forms Package

Forms should be routed to University Research (Wyly Tower Rm 1506) to expedite approval. If you need additional information, contact Barbara Talbot at 257-5075. Questions related to the review can be directed to Stan Napper at 257-3056 or Mary Livingston at 257-2292 or 257-5066.

Study/Project Information for Human Subjects Committee

This form provides the suggested outline for the abstract of the project. The researchers are encouraged to retype the outline, using as much space for each section as their project requires.

Human Subjects Consent Form

This form provides the recommended format for the Consent Form. Once again, please retype using as much space as your project requires. Also include samples of any questionnaire or form you intend to use.

Department Head Approved Form

            A Department Head Approval Form has been provided for duplication and use.

Educational Resource/Training

  • A publication issued by the U. S. Department of Energy entitled "Protecting Human Research Subjects" has also been included as a handy general reference guide. This same brochure can be found here.
  • An educational video featuring three programs can be checked out from the Office of University Research. This video includes Evolving Concern: Protection for Human Subjects, Balancing Society’s Mandates: Criteria for Protocol Review, and The Belmont Report: Basic Ethical Principles and their Application.
  • For more information, read the Belmont Report at the following website found here.

Human Use IRB Committee

The Committee encourages submission at least two weeks before the research begins and annually thereafter. Contact Dr. Stan Napper (257-3056) or Dr. Mary Margaret Livingston (257-2292 or 257-5066) to answer any questions you may have regarding the review process.

Policy 7108 Use of Human Subjects

Louisiana Tech University has filed an Assurance of Compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services regarding its implementation of the provisions of the regulations for the protection of human research subjects. All research projects involving human subjects, both sponsored and non-sponsored projects, must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board for Use of Human Research Subjects before the research project is initiated as well as periodically during the conduct of the research project. A faculty member planning to conduct a research project or to supervise a student's research project that will involve the use of human subjects should contact the Chair of the Human Use Committee and the Dean of the Graduate School and University Research to secure the criteria to which he/she must adhere.

The complete policy and procedure can be found here.


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December 17th, 2017

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